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Gestart door karz, 20 oktober, 2005, 19:51:49

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Beetje uit de oude doos.
Dit stukje heb ik ooit geschreven voor //www.tlplanet.com toen ik een WP schokdemper had gemonteerd.

WP swap

  3,55 kg  /  7.83 lbs

  http://www.motorforumlimburg.nl/~kpepels/wpswap/IMG_2355.jpg" width="533" height="400">


First jack it up so the swingarm can hang free

 http://www.motorforumlimburg.nl/~kpepels/wpswap/IMG_2386.jpg" width="533" height="400">


  Remove the front seat. Remove the fuel tank mounting
   bolts and the fuel tank bracket bolds. Lift the tank and put some stuff under
   it for support. I removed the TOS switch also and disconnected the Fuelpump
   from the main wiring. You can now remove the rotary damper unit bracket.

http://www.motorforumlimburg.nl/~kpepels/wpswap/IMG_2357.jpg" width="533" height="400">


  Remove the rear brake fluid reservoir.

  http://www.motorforumlimburg.nl/~kpepels/wpswap/IMG_2358.jpg" width="533" height="400">


  Remove the left foot guard

  http://www.motorforumlimburg.nl/~kpepels/wpswap/IMG_2360.jpg" width="533" height="400">


  Remove the cushion rod bolt, and rotary damper unit mounting

  http://www.motorforumlimburg.nl/~kpepels/wpswap/IMG_2361.jpg" width="533" height="400">


  Unmount the rotary damper unit and get it out of there
   with its cushion lever and rod.

  http://www.motorforumlimburg.nl/~kpepels/wpswap/IMG_2362.jpg" width="533" height="400">


  Remove the  spring unit upper bolt. And unmount the rear
   brake unit because it's in the way for ummounting the bracket. It's just
   3 bolts anyway. Then remove the cushion rod mounting bolt. Remove the cushion
   lever mounting bolt.

  http://www.motorforumlimburg.nl/~kpepels/wpswap/IMG_2363.jpg" width="533" height="400">


  Remove the sprint unit along with its cushion lever and
   rod. Everything is now gone.

  http://www.motorforumlimburg.nl/~kpepels/wpswap/IMG_2366.jpg" width="533" height="400">


  tonz of stuff.

  http://www.motorforumlimburg.nl/~kpepels/wpswap/IMG_2371.jpg" width="533" height="400">


  Get the WP fitted, first mount the spring unit upper
   bolt, then the cushion rod. This is where the problems started. The holes
   for the cushion lever bolt didn't align.

  http://www.motorforumlimburg.nl/~kpepels/wpswap/IMG_2369.jpg" width="533" height="400">


  Ok, one makes the holes align with a screwdriver from
   the left side, and the other hammers the bolt in as soon as possible...done.

  http://www.motorforumlimburg.nl/~kpepels/wpswap/IMG_2375.jpg" width="533" height="400">


  Put everything back together. The rear brake fluid hose
   is barely not touching the spring unit (it's wider than the stock one) so
   I mounted it a little to the right.

  http://www.motorforumlimburg.nl/~kpepels/wpswap/IMG_2392.jpg" width="533" height="400">


  http://www.motorforumlimburg.nl/~kpepels/wpswap/IMG_2388.jpg" width="533" height="400">


  I just need to find a prettier solution for this container

  http://www.motorforumlimburg.nl/~kpepels/wpswap/IMG_2393.jpg" width="533" height="400">


  Just Rode it

It feels very good now. 'Hey am I allready out of that corner ? ' .
With the stock setting I had to work harder to get it out of a turn, it felt like something still had to follow.
No it's just tight .. feels good.
I Recommend it.

About WP:
It was a dutch company and it still is, but since 1999 it's a 100% child-organisation from KTM (Austria).


  The stock stuff : rotary damper unit 3,2 kg / 7.05 lbs

  http://www.motorforumlimburg.nl/~kpepels/wpswap/IMG_2412.jpg" width="533" height="400">


  stock spring unit : 2,65 kg / 5.84 lbs

  http://www.motorforumlimburg.nl/~kpepels/wpswap/IMG_2413.jpg" width="533" height="400">


   it all weighs 6.00 kg / 13.23 lbs (some nuts and bolt

  http://www.motorforumlimburg.nl/~kpepels/wpswap/IMG_2414.jpg" width="533" height="400">
sometimes the same is different, but mostly it's the same.